An eCommerce precious metals retailer.

EDIT: is not a retailer of bitcoins but they accept them for payment.

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  1. Sam F. says:

    What a crock of horse poop. This company is always running a delay on everything. Good luck on refunds and shipments, Sad part is they used to be a good company now they have bad reviews piling up. Beware and be skeptical of this site. GL BTC USERS

  2. Amagi says:

    We had many delays on products when the price of silver crashed. These delays were industry wide. However we are shipping non pre-ordered silver within 24 business hours and gold within 3-5 business days now.

  3. Amagi says:

    Also, we are not a bitcoin retailer. We accept bitcoins as a payment method for precious metals.

  4. Silver Buyer says:

    Bought some silver. Smooth transaction, fast shipping. Will order again.

  5. A Real Person says:

    I just placed an order for a variety of metals. I will keep this site updated with latest on how the transaction goes. When making a purchase, you do not receive an invoice or receipt after placing your order, but you can print the BitPay payment confirmation. So right off the bat you feel uneasy about the transaction because typically you receive some kind of ledger in the form of an invoice or receipt to your email upon completion. This is commonly found in most checkout systems. So far one Jillian Batty has replied to me regarding Out of Stock Brass and how did I want it addressed, refund or replacement. I choose a replacement of similar value. I am now waiting for a confirmation email and tracking number. Keep you posted — Feb. 26, Wednesday ~11:00AM.

  6. A Real Person says:

    These guys are legit. I received my order but if there was one thing I had to nit pick about it would be poor automated communication (their 800 number and email contacts are answered promptly, those are great). Maybe their supplier isn’t reliable and that’s why they do business the way they do (no shopping cart invoice, no email confirmations or estimation dates, you make an order and the next time you hear from them when you receive your coins, which can be anywhere from 1 week to who knows when). I guess they don’t want to make a commitment they can’t keep which is understandable. In any case, I am satisfied with my purchase and would do business with them again. Amagi metals gets a 8.5-9/10 from me.

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