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  1. kim chanties says:

    I withdrew BTC I got a Java IO error. Refresh did give me a new page claiming I had not enough funds..

    Never a reply to my complaints. Never a refund. How lame is that to blame a scam on an unfixable error!

  2. Sean O'Neill says:

    I’m starting to agree bitcoinplus is nothing more than a scam. “donny” to support email account NEVER replies to any emails you send. I sent in a payment request for .08 BTCs to be sent to my bitcoin wallet address – .01 “fee” = so .07 in total. We’re coming up on a month with the payment still in “Processing” and no replies from Donny.

  3. Fungal says:

    I have had a similar experience, the 1st withdrawal I performed (although high fee) went through ok, now I wanted to withdraw 0.19 (0.18 after fee):
    Sep 11, 2013 4:40 AM GMT – Processing

    Sent an email after a couple of weeks, not a word, maybe Donny is no longer with us?

    I have sent a follow up as the address it was to go to is no longer where it is required now due to payments being made by an alternate method after 1 month. I have no idea what the problem is as the first time it was a breeze.

  4. Bryan Slatner says:

    Have also tried repeatedly to contact Donny, but have failed. My first payout attempt failed with some Java error, and my payment has been stuck in “pending” since 4/7/13.

  5. Bill Mech says:

    Same story here. The rate of payout has grown incredibly slow, and when I email “donny” to work on some way to cash out my account, no reply at all.

  6. Ian Bauters says:

    Same story with the error, lost over 2 bit coins to this guy, tried contacting, never had an answer!

  7. derick smithers says:

    I agree. the payout is incredibly small, and fee high.

  8. Winston Smith says: is a total scam. I have never been able to withdraw any of the the bitcoins I have generated and can get no response from the contact Donne. The shyster is stealing the fruits of your labors for himself/herself and needs to be shut down and imprisoned.

    Karma will get you Donne

  9. Joe says:

    I sent some bitcoin from and got the same Java error. It took 18 emails and about 7 months before I finally received it. You just have to be persistent I guess.

  10. john says:

    i just tied this site out and everything now shows 0 BTC earned on the front page( not .0000216 or whatever outrageous fraction it is) i have earned 4 payouts and my account balance still shows 0. im guessing the guys is done with giving them out and is keeping any that come his way. seems sketchy i would stay away

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