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  1. John Faunsworth says:

    These guys seem to like to change their TOS and any given moment and yank any bonus shares you might have. Stay clear.

  2. Hey all,
    I just wanted to clear things up about the TOS we have changed.

    Initially we have launched the referral program in order to get more users attracted to the system, which in our opinion, is the best thing going on with bitcoins.

    The TOS stated that if you refer active traders to our system – you get 1 GHS bonus for every trader.

    However we have poorly chosen the criteria, by which an active trader is identified. The criteria was that the referred user should have done transactions for 1 BTC or more.

    But what happened is some users started creating accounts, moving 1 BTC around, and closing their accounts, which is NOT active trading.

    Some users managed to get up to 150 GHS for this kind of manipulation.

    And for the sake of keeping the commodity exchange safe and stable – we were forced to change the referral program terms.

    The new referral terms will grant you 3% of GHS balance of the referred user, which is only fair.

    Some users were pleasantly surprised with this change, and stated that those are very good terms.
    However some people, who have not been referring active traders are displeased by the change.

    Anyhow, we apologize for the sudden change in the terms, but we were forced to do it, in order to keep the brilliant service we bring.

    I would also like to state that if any questions arise – feel free to open a support ticket here, and the support team will do everything possible to come to a mutual benefitting agreement.

    Thank you and happy mining!

    Jeffrey Smith
    Chief Marketing Manager

  3. IH says:

    Jeffrey, it’s not the problem with you changeing the TOS but with applying the new TOS retroactively. You can’t do that and it’s not good bussiness. Read up http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/retroactive or http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ex_post_facto_law . What you should have done is change the TOS but leave people their bonuses. You say yourself – you have poorly choosen your criteria and made a mistake. To fix that mistake, you change TOS and apply it backwards. It’s not how it’s done.

  4. I am satisfied until now with Cex.io services and got quick answers to my support emails.

  5. John Faunsworth says:

    Yes I agree, I would gladly remove my negative feedback if my account were restored. I am certainly not responsible for inactive trading on ref accounts. I had a lot of fun trading there and wanted to go much further before this happened. If you are going to call changing your terms arbitrarily “brilliant service”, then I am glad I got out in time. Sounds like another service (Inputs.io/coinlenders) that just bit the dust.

  6. Thank you for your kind comments.
    However, I don’t want the website even to be mentioned here, as it is hurting my business.

    Who do I speak to to get my website off? Is there a contact email or should I file a complaint with godaddy?

  7. Phillip Fry says:

    CEX makes a big mistake, gives out thousands of free GHS due to customers being smarter than they are. Then CEX throws a hissy fit, reversed all GHS given out and now wants their site removed from here because “it is hurting my business” … no CEX you hurt your business because you failed to plan, think or even respond in a professional manner when you realized your mistake. CEX should stay here forever because they feel they can change TOS without notice and then withdrawal valuable balances from their customers to cover their fuck up. To trust CEX would be a bad choice.

    • John Faunsworth says:

      Mr. Phillip Fry, I could not have said it better myself. cex.io was a wonderful place to trade until they decided to play indian giver with my bonus shares. I was fortunate this happened to me before I made a significant deposit. Trying to convince their management to compromise and return my shares fell on deaf ears and was an overall frustrating experience. Mr. Jeffrey Smith should have worked something out in this regard, because now the time I COULD have been spending trading on cex I will instead spend making sure the word gets out in as many places as possible, and I have a lot of time and resources.

      cex management: still not too late to throw up the white flag. I can just as easy make my campaign disappear as I can continue it. Expect to see many more reviews like this as my investigations continue.

  8. Amy Steitz says:

    Happened to me too, but I didn’t have much to put there right now most of mine is with trustworthy folks like Havelock. btw to the owner of this site, if J. Smith and cex want to whine and try to cover up their bullshit by attempting to contact GoDaddy and get the site blocked, I have a large server with plenty of space for hosting. My goal is to make sure liars like cex get exposed for what they are. I hope this sort of feedback does hurt your business Jeffrey Smith. You will be seeing us on bitcointalk too soon.

  9. John Faunsworth says:

    Amy, I also have a special plugin script available that blocks all cex.io ref links and ads. Feel free to email me if you would like a copy. I have 50+ requests for this already. :)

    A far and wide boycott always works well.

  10. John Ritter says:

    So it just sounds like some people who took advantage of the system are angry when CEX realized they were doing this?
    CEX is also still in beta – of course there are going to be things changing.
    And when the TOS changed you had to agree to it – they didn’t just up and do it behind everyone’s backs.
    BTW, John Faunsworth, your suggestive blackmail at the end of your post just confirms that you’re probably a shady person who took advantage of the system anyways.

    • Johann Brunic says:

      Yes, they changed the TOS without notice (which is actually fine) but they cancelled the bonuses which were already given (which is not fine).
      Imagine if somewhere in the future they introduce (for example) fee for tradeing GHS and then apply it backwards to all your previous transactions and then deduct from your current balance…

    • Sincerely Anonymous says:

      I really have to agree with Mr. Ritter. I have no experience with cex.io, but was thinking of using their service, so I figured I’d look into what people here might have to say. It seems quite moronic to expect a company to keep up a policy that would put them out of business. Would everyone have been happy if they let you keep the GHS and then went under the next month so you need to now buy your own rig and manage/maintain it yourself? These things happen in the real world guys. Through rational eyes, you would see that it is not the company that had a terrible policy, but shady users who abused it that led to this whole mess.
      Just my unbiased opinion.

  11. Rita Heyworth says:

    Funny. You just sound like an Jerk.

  12. Blackbeard says:

    Yup, sounds like he is indeed the new TradeFortress. Legalo action being considered:

  13. Philip says:

    let assume at https://cex.io/calc
    Price GHS/BTC: 0.0728

    Market Parameters : 1 Ghs
    Mining Payout Schedule
    Dec-13 Monthly Revenue 0.02

    0.02 – 0.0728 = Income
    Income = -0.0528

    what you have done cex.io ?

  14. emre murat says:

    My GHS’s are Hacking on CEX.io
    Don’t use it !!

  15. Larry Colson says:

    My concern is that I worry that CEX allows blatant price manipulation. Look at the charts for yourself and it will jump out right at you. Most price drops are precipitated by HUGE selloffs WAY under market prices. CEX might claim that they can’t be sure when prices are manipulated so this would be impossible to enforce. This is hogwash. I was on the site today where a pump and dumper was admitting to selling below market prices to manipulate pricing and CEX’s support rep. Dan was in the chat listening to the entire thing. He didn’t do anything. Even if market manipulation is not allowed at CEX, it sure looks that way.

    • John Faunsworth says:

      It appears to be true. They are dumping more GH/s into the pool daily. Appears they are trying to do something similar to labcoin, and we all know how that ended.

  16. John Skiver says:

    Yesterday morning my cex.io account was hacked and also my email. The hacker sold the GHS I had and withdrew the funds. I had deposited 10 btc into my cex account. My cex account is now frozen by cex and they are investigating – whatever that means. Does not cex have the obligation to make this right??

    2FA should be mandatory, not an option. In addition, they need tighter security for withdrawals.

  17. Ph0x says:

    A lot of the comments seem like scammers mad they cant game the system anymore.

  18. Tac says:

    “However, I don’t want the website even to be mentioned here, as it is hurting my business.”

    That says it all right there – let me paraphrase:

    “I am screwing over my customers and they’re complaining – please censor their complaints so I can continue to screw them over and feed off of them.”

    Glad I did some research and found this along the way (as well as some other not-so-glowing reviews).

    Dear Jeffrey Smith, I’m glad this site is here and I’m glad they didn’t take it down. Retroactively changing the TOS in such a manner and taking back what you had given dirty maneuver.

    My only hope is that this page gets top ranking on google when people are searching for your site so they can be saved from doing business with you. You could have given these people back what you had taken, come back on this site, apologized and acted like a man. Instead, you post a single comment to try and save your ass and then take off.

    Why don’t you take off for good.

  19. mugwampbro says:

    I had a small gift of .02 ghs earning a little bit on their site..NOW IT”S GONE!! Heard nothing but bad about this site and now this proves it ! What a scam site!!

  20. mugwampbro says:

    UPDATE.. It was my fault for the missing GHS. I didn’t realized that I had signed up earlier and thus had 2 accounts..and had signed into the wrong (empty) account. MY BAD/ I’m a dumbass

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