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  1. Private says:

    This is the story of how CoinURL stole my bitcoins. It wasn’t that much but a warning should be issued to the community so that it doesn’t happen to more people.

    Here’s how it went down:

    + I put bitcoins into my account on CoinURL.
    + Something “strange” happens to that my bitcoins magically disappear with no trace.
    + The supports tries to be helpful but gives more and more bad news.
    + All of the sudden the guy that handles refunds can’t be reached.
    + I’m told to wait (forever).

    Basically a SCAM! Never received anything! The above was a snippit I found from bittalk and I should have checked first before investing time in

  2. Somethinglike says:

    Most clicks are botclicks from what I’ve heard, not sure if it is a scam but it certainly has a heavily abused system

  3. Someone says:

    I’ve used coinurl before as a publisher and and advertiser. Both went swimmingly. In my experiences, it’s not a scam.

  4. Jerry C. says:

    I agree with someone, this USED to be a good site but now things have gone down hill. TOO BAD because it would have made it honestly.

  5. John Faunsworth says:

    I agree that coinurl is no longer a great site. I reported a spammer or two to them, and the owner assured me those accounts were banned. I find out the same scammers were allowed back into their system. In addition to being lied to two by this two-faced idiot, I have received numerous reports of what everyone detailed above happening. I can say with confidence to advertisers that this service is a SCAM and not worth your time.

  6. marco says:

    Real scammer, close account when you request a payment

  7. Kristian says:

    I used Coinurl when they first launched and they always paid up. Now I only wish I could restore that wallet.dat and enjoy the huge BTC price increase.

  8. takemaru says:

    im webmaster and i have a website with 2000 visitors dailly that clicked 400 clicks and i saw my account at coinurl and i have 0.0000000 and i cant withdraw money wtf warning people
    do not invest or use it and both are scam

  9. they are scam i have earned more then 0.6 btc with them and i have given them all proof of traffic and clicks and they agree but when they see i have huge traffic they said will talk to google about traffic of your site after that they banned my account none of them replying me totally scam beware

  10. Lexs194 says:

    They banned my account, maybe because my website got too many clicks and they can’t paid me.
    coinurl is scam i guess

  11. JohnT says:

    Strange, all these negative comments… ive just been paid by Coinurl! You have received a bitcoin payment of value 0.01017797 BTC (Approx: $ 8.37) It’s not much but at least they do pay, well they paid me anyhow! lol.

  12. Sophia says:

    @JohnT either you’ve been lucky or you’re actually

    @All I can support the claims from previous commenters that are indeed scammers. They accused me of cheating, fraud and stuff while I just send perfectly valid traffic to them. Lot’s of rejected clicks, they do not ban you but let you work until you reach a payout threshold and then they won’t pay you. I tried to get in touch precisely explaining the sources of my traffic, clicks got accepted and policies explained – which render the service useless basically. It’s not clear to me how one should earn a dime with them without contributing way too much time and effort. And still, until reaching the threshold you won’t know if you’d ever get paid. After trying to find an agreement with them (leaving the platform for accused fraud and very paranoid security policies that basically hinder one to send substantial traffic at all and getting paid my humble accumulated coins), I just got ignored.

    To sum up: Avoid them like pest!

  13. Remi says:

    I just got banned yesterday and they kept my coins and closed my links

  14. CoinUrl was my favorite Bitcoin PTC site for many months. Unfortunately, about half of all clicks don’t get credited any longer. You’ll login, see 0.012 and 100 clicks, the next day its almost exactly half that are paid on.

    I got 1st page in Google, paid to be on a few Bitcoin Ads programs, had 650+ clicks over 3 days, totalling 0.073….all rejected or N/A. Not to mention I’m unable to delete certain ads I purchased 6+ months ago. I’ve asked for a refund, nothing happens.

    With this said, I get about 0.03 per month normally. They paid on what’s approved…but I’m convinced they purposely discount clicks, or it’s a fraud prevention system that just isn’t accurate.

    I am waiting on a response, my future use of their program will depend on the response.

  15. Everything ok with coinurl so far, hope it will continue.

    (MOD3-USER’s IP address is affiliated with Coin url. Be wary of the comment above)

  16. Liam says:

    There have been a few different owners, I think the latest ones are legit. Yesterday I got a payout for about 0.08 bitcoin. I suspect that some of the people banned, probably deserved it for low quality traffic or breaking the rules another way.

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