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  1. John Faunsworth says:

    An online wallet service with many flaws, the greatest being it is connected to a guy that that is known for unscrupulous practices towards newbies. If you are a member of coinchat, you are forced to use this wallet system to withdraw funds …. which has a lot in common with a money-laundering operation.
    Also there is the link below, and numerous other ones, that should make one think hard about putting their trust in this guy.

    Do your research! Buyer beware!

  2. Lillith says:

    I agree this site is shady, and marketed towards users who have little knowledge of the technical aspects of bitcoins. Full of hidden fees. Requires email address, which makes your anonymity kind of impossible. Stick with managing your own assets, blockchain is even a better wallet than this crap.

  3. HidingInSpace says:

    Inputs IO waited until I’d amassed 0.00050000 BTC then I could not access my wallet, they sent me a second verification email to which I clicked to verify but still could not log in. I guess the BTC will be either spent or put back into one of the many associated faucets or gambling sites.

    Then again its the internet, money, and something not everyone knows about, so you have to expect it, even from ‘well established’ names.

    I’#m rapidly getting bored with all the hype to be honest, theres only one way to get BTC thats real and thats cash for BTC through someone you know and trust, which screws over most people from having a risk free BTC experience. If I’m wrong prove me otherwise. . .I’m just waiting for the first complaints about the LocalBitCoins or Coinbase wallets the recommended ‘secure’ ones.

  4. kktua86 says:

    I use and I have not had any problems with them. I’ve withdrawn more than 0.01BTCs from related faucets. Fees are high, that’s true. So it’s better to transfer bigger amounts.

    By the way. I’ve just had to give my email here…

  5. vzsno88 says: is not a scam, I’ve moved and held hundreds of BTC using this service and its never let me down. I don’t know why its on this list.

  6. El_Happy says:

    The site says use 0.0005 BTC of fee and on the transfer is paid only 0.0002 BTC
    Where are the other 0.0003 BTC?
    They not say take a percentage of something or something like that.

  7. b!z says:

    You might have heard that has been hacked recently, with 4000+ BTC stolen. The site has shutdown, and some people are debating if it was a scam or not.

    You can request a refund by following this guide:

    I hope it helps.

  8. Amy Steitz says:

    Hey DiamondFartz, can’t protect tradeFortress from his lies now can you? Hacked? RIGHT……….

    Glad I checked here before trusting Yan Wang with my BTC

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