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  1. hex says:

    This is a suspected phishing site, due to suspicious questions such as blockchain username and password. All functionality is lacking except for potentially fake free BTC bonus that cna’t be withdrawn(since the withdraw limit can’t be reached).

  2. bitcoinlady says:

    Someone posted on a forum and I thought it would be a great way to use it when they are offering PTC for bitcoins, until I see a message that they were not going to keep their promise, so I just figure this is a scam.

  3. John Faunsworth says:

    They may well be up there with one day

  4. Mark says:

    No one knows yet if this is a scam or not. No one payed anything and no one was asked for any password! The only thing that people question, is why they ask for our wallets emails and why they give such big registration bonus. Oh well, soon we will know much more, and you should not post this scam submission before you knew more too.

  5. btcpro8 says:

    Yesterday we discovered the fraud attempt. We have evidence that the fraud was committed!

    Yesterday we discovered the fraud attempt. We have evidence that the fraud committed! A website that offers services in the future such as: Cloud Bitcoin Mining, Bitcoin Forex-Trades Survey , Referral Shares… They Are trying to attract people with an offer that sounds nice: First 2500 members get gift: 0.05BTC And they offer direct referral prize: 1st prize: 8 Bitcoin, 2st prize: 5 Bitcoin, 3st prize: 2 Bitcoin. “As we reached the 5000 registered members. the winners will be notified by e-mail! “ they say…

    Yesterday they announced the winners:

    1st prize: 8 Bitcoin: usename: Teca invited: 987 member

    2st prize: 5 Bitcoin: usermane: probitcon invited: 651 member

    3st prize: 2 Bitcoin: username: welscoins invited: 511 member

    Yeah right!!! Sounds good to be true!!!…. because it is not true!

    We were able to log in as “Teca”, “probitcon” and “welscoins”, and what we found:

    all are registered in the website 12/04/2013

    all have 0 (z-e-r-o) refferral!

    Do we have any evidence for it!? Yes we have! I made a printscreen and video, where you can see the real truth:

    Now they offer even greater referral rewards: 1st prize: 10 Bitcoin, 2st prize: 5 Bitcoin, 3st prize: 3 Bitcoin. “As we reached the 15000 registered members. the winners will be notified by e-mail!”

    We need to stop this! Expand this info to everyone that people do not fall for similar scams attempts!

  6. Clarissa T says:

    Dear Members.
    Probitcoin Limited Inc
    Not a scam, we are a real company!
    Some of the work has already started.

    Support team received many threatening and blackmailing letter
    btcpro8 ​​user.
    The video is cut up and fake.
    A lot of flapping experiment Attempted to btcpro8
    but your IP address logged. And done in the Commercial Register of the complaint today to the btcpro8 ​​ip adresse ISP provider.

    some pictures:

    and continued extortion and hacking!

    Clarissa T.
    Probitcoin Inc Limited
    Sales Department

    • Hi Clarissa,

      I am registered with as “trail”

      Yesterday site was on . I started work . Today again it is down.

      When will it be online again.

      Please advice,
      Pradeep Joshi

  7. Clarissa T says:

    I just had a call from “bitcoin hiter” who show me your lousy try to
    scam or to trick BTC community.
    He show me the video and print screens. We have it all !

    For now Only two of us knows about your trick. If you wont to stay
    like that and not let your project to collapse you should pay him or
    we going to show all BTC community that your site is nothing but a fraud.

    Make transactions on this wallets:




    Contact us by email,

  8. BTC Man says:

    Clarissa T. – hehehehheheheheheh….. so lame… You are liar. i know now for sure. That video is not cut or fake… you can’t against proof… Only fake in that story is you. Show transaction to “winners” acc…

  9. betingmail says:

    I saw the video and all pictures. Seems you gave a lot money to those 3 winners. Teca,probitcon and welscoins were given 15 BTC all together. That time 1 BTC was around 1100 $. So you gave around 15 000 $ and there is no proof of that.
    That what i call transparency ! ! !

    And awards for round 2. same story. 18 BTC for rewards. Winners will be notified by e-mail.
    That what i call transparency ! ! !

  10. Валерий says:

    Вы реальная кампания?Я так не думаю.Вы аферисты.Начались проблемы.Я весь сегодняшний день не могу зайти на сайт.А защищаете вы свою кампанию отменно.Браво.

    Poorly Translated “You are a real campaign? I do not dumayu.Vy aferisty.Nachalis problemy.Ya whole day today I can not go to protect you sayt.A otmenno.Bravo his campaign.”

    • He said something like this:
      “You are a real campaign? I do not think so. You scam. Problems began. Whole day today I can’t go to the site. And you are defending your campaign perfectly. Bravo.”

  11. Clarissa T we have two simple test:
    1. if they (welscoins,probitcoin and Teca) are collected that many referral we could simply find some of their Referral URL placed on the net before 12/04/2013:
    „“ or
    „“ or
    Well…. Google cant find a single link.
    2. Show the transaction from 12/04/2013 on their account

  12. Peter K says:

    Dear members!
    Probitcoin Inc. New domain name:
    Unfortunately, there were problems in the previous domain registrar dns server.
    Unfortunately, the number of registrations and referrals are all lost ..
    because all the data was encrypted and can not be accurately restored.
    therefore, we ask everyone to re-register new account
    ask everyone to change the url address published referral links

    We apologize for the unpleasantness

    Peter K.

    Probitcoin Inc.
    Technician Department

  13. TjixXx says:

    they started 1 more scam site with same template like the previous one

    so be carefull…

  14. John says:

    I don’t think it is a scam because i am earning bitcoins getting close to the withdraw limit

  15. roro says:

    this not free!
    you can see at your account
    Free Standard members do not withdraw and no profit, and it is impossible to connect the mining.

    its not fair I think because bitcoin itself giving free bitcoin for everyone
    I think scam we must upgrade first then transfer, then they steal your money, you can’t contact them because many reasons bla bla bla..

    and they change the web

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